1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) CAS 35691-65-7

Purity: ≥98.5%
Appearance: Offwhite Crystalline Powder
Package: 25KG/ Drum
Capacity: 10000+MT/year
Sample: Available
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COA of 1,2-Dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane
TDS of 1,2-Dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane

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1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB)
1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) Quick Details
Chemical Name: 1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB)
Other name: Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile; MDBGN
CAS: 35691-65-7
Molecular formula: C6H6Br2N2
Molecular weight: 265.93
1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) Typical Properties


Offwhite Crystalline Powder


Boiling point

Insolubilites in ethanol

Organic impurity

Loss on Drying


Color Hazen

1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) Usage
1,2-Dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane is Off-white Crystalline Powder
1,2-Dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane is Widely used as textiles, cosmetics, film, paint, crops and other fields of fungicides, circulating water treatment of sterilization algae, oil drilling water injection agent.
1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) Packaging
25KG/ Drum.
1 2-Dibromo-2 4-dicyanobutane (DBDCB) Storage
keep low-temperature drying and avoid sunlight.


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