1,2-pentanediol cas 5343-92-0

Assay: 99%min
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Package: 25KG/ drum
Sample: Available
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1,2-Pentanediol Quick Details
Chemical Name: 1,2-Pentanediol
CAS No: 5343-92-0
Molecular Formula: C5H12O2
Molecular Weight: 104.15
1,2-Pentanediol Structure:
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Assay: 99%min
1,2-Pentanediol Typical Properties


Colorless viscous liquid

1,2- Pentanediol


1,2-Pentanediol Usage
1, the performance of the excellent moisturizer, at the same time has a preservative effect, can be formulated without preservatives, reducing allergies caused by preservatives;
2, can improve the water resistance of the sunscreen product formula;
3. Dissolve the insoluble active ingredient. It is used in various skin care products such as skin creams, eye creams, skin care waters, baby care products, and sun care products.
4. 1,2-pentanediol is an important intermediate for the fungicide propiconazole.
1,2-Pentanediol Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25KG/ drum
Delivery: 7-10 days after receipt the payment
1,2-Pentanediol Storage
The package is complete and lightly loaded; the warehouse is ventilated, away from open flames, high temperature, and stored separately from oxidants and acids.


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