2-Fluoroaniline CAS 348-54-9

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2-Fluoroaniline Quick Details
Chemical Name: 2-Fluoroaniline

CAS No.: 348-54-9

Molecular formula: C6H6FN

EINECS No.: 206-478-9

Appearance: Yellow liquid

Assay: 99%min

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2-Fluoroaniline Typical Properties


Yellow liquid

Assay (GC)


Brand name
Fousi chemical

2-Fluoroaniline  Usage

o-Fluoroaniline is a colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid, toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, can be used as an analytical reagent, has a stimulating effect on the skin, vapor or smoke on the eyes, mucous membrane and upper respiratory tract It has a stimulating effect and can form cyanosis caused by methemoglobin when it enters the body.
The vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, which can cause combustion and explosion in case of open flames and high heat energy. Reacts with oxidants. Toxic gas is liberated by high heat. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the container increases and there is a risk of cracking and explosion.
2-Fluoroaniline is used as medicine, pesticide and dye intermediate.

2-Fluoroaniline Packaging and Shipping 
200kg/plastic drum,
25kg/plastic drum
50kg/plastic drum
2-Fluoroaniline Storage
Kept in the dark, cool and dry place, sealed storage.


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