2,2′-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine CAS 341-58-2

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2,2′-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine/TFMB Details
Chemical Name: 2,2′-Bis(trifluoromethyl)benzidine/TFMB

CAS No.: 341-58-2

Molecular Formula: C14H10F6N2

Molecular Weight: 320.23

Appearance: Light yellow powder

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CAS 341-58-2 Typical Properties


Light yellow powder

Purity ≥

Brand name
Fousi chemical

 CAS 341-58-2 Usage
2,2′-Di(trifluoromethyl)-4,4’diaminobiphenyl is mainly used in the field of microelectronics and optoelectronics, for the preparation of extremely low dielectric constant, extremely low surface free energy, and extremely high machinery Strength, extremely high wear resistance, colorless and transparent PI material is the most well-known monomer among all fluorine-containing PI diamine monomers.
 CAS 341-58-2 Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/drum
 CAS 341-58-2 Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food materials


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