4-Fluorophenylacetic acid CAS 405-50-5

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4-Fluorophenylacetic acid

4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Details
Chemical Name: 4-Fluorophenylacetic acid

CAS No.: 405-50-5

Molecular Formula: C8H7FO2

Molecular Weight: 154.14

Appearance: White powder
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4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Typical Properties

White powder


Chloride ion
<0.03% Sulfate <0.04% pH 7.5~8.0 Gas phase antirustScreening test (JB/T6071-1992)  Steel 7 Day Dynamic contaceWet-hot test (JB/T6071-1992)  Steel 7 Day Gas phase corrosionInhibition test (JB/T6071-1992)  Steel Brand name Fousi chemical 4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Usage 4-fluorophenylacetic acid is an organic synthesis intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate. It can be used in laboratory R&D process and chemical and pharmaceutical R&D process, and has an irreplaceable role in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, etc. 4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Packaging and Shipping Packing: 25kg/drum 4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Storage Stored below 30°C



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