4-methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate cas 70187-32-5

Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: 97%min
Packaging: Drum, 25kg
Sample: Available
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4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate
4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate Quick Details
Chemical Name: 4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate
CAS: 70187-32-5
Molecular formula: C5H11NO2
Molecular weight: 117.15
Chemical Structure:
Appearance: Light yellow powder
Assay: 97%min
4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate Typical Properties


Assay ,%

Light yellow powder

4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate Usage
1. Oxidized 4-methylmorpholine monohydrate is a heterocyclic tertiary amine oxide widely used in insecticides, herbicides, metal rust inhibitors, fiber treatments and solvents.
2. Especially the most advantageous in solvent spinning of man-made fibers. Industrially, man-made fibers can be produced by the copper ammonium method and the viscose method, and the viscose method is most common.
3. The viscose technology is mature, but it has shortcomings such as long process, high energy consumption, poor fiber quality, and serious pollution of the three wastes. The process of producing rayon by using oxidized 4-methylmorpholine monohydrate as a solvent is non-toxic and non-polluting, and the product quality is high, especially the wet property and strength are superior to ordinary viscose fiber, and the temperature performance exceeds that of nylon, and many performance indexes Similar to cotton fiber, it is called “green rayon”; and it can reduce the 16 processes of the original process to 9 processes.
4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate Packaging and Shipping
Drum, 25kg
4-Methylmorpholine n-oxide monohydrate Storage
Warehouse ventilation and low temperature drying.


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