Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9

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Chemical Name: Adipic acid
CAS No.: 124-04-9
Molecular Fomula: C6H10O4
Molecular weight: 146.14
Appearance: White Solid
Sample: Available

Adipic acid CAS 124-04-9

Description of Adipic acid

Adipate is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)4(COOH)2. From an industrial perspective, it is the most important dicarboxylic acid: About 2.5 billion kilograms of this white crystalline powder are produced annually, mainly as a precursor for the production of nylon. Adipic acid otherwise rarely occurs in nature.

Basic Info of Adipic acid

Chemical Name



adipate;Acinetten;1,6-Hexanedioic acid;hexane-1,6-dicarboxylic acid;Acifloctin;Adilactetten;1,4-Butanedicarboxylic acid;Hexanedioic acid



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight






Safety Info



Hazard Class


Safety Statements


HS Code


WGK Germany



UN 3077

Risk Statements


Hazard Codes



Appearance & Physical State

White crystalline powder.


1.36 g/cm3

Boiling Point


Melting Point


Flash Point


Refractive Index


Water Solubility

1.44 g/100 mL (15 ºC)


Stable. Substances to be avoided include ammonia, strong oxidizing agents.

Storage Condition

Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a tightly closed container. Keep from contact with oxidizing materials. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances. Keep away from strong bases.

Vapor Density

5 (vs air)

Vapor Pressure

1 mm Hg ( 159.5 °C)

Numbering system

EINECS number


MDL number


PubChem number


BRN number


RTECS number


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What is Adipic acid?

     With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, chemical products have invariably permeated our daily lives, in medicine, food, cosmetics, electronics, industry, and other areas, becoming an essential part of our lives. One such product is adipate which has developed particularly rapidly in recent years. Do you know about adipate?

The official answer: adipate, also known as fatty acid, is a carboxylic acid organic compound used as a chemical reagent and also in plastics and organic synthesis. It is a white crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water and acidic when dissolved in water. As the basic building block of many chemical products, adipate is by far the most important aliphatic dicarboxylic acid in industrial Chemicalbook production. Globally, approximately 3 million tonnes of adipate are used annually as a monomer in the synthesis of nylon-66, in addition to adipate for the synthesis of polyesters, polyurethanes, lubricants, plasticisers, adiponitrile, and as a gelling aid for flavouring in food.

What’s the application of Adipic acid?

adipate is the most versatile of the aliphatic dibasic acids. adipate has the general properties of aliphatic dibasic acids, including salt-forming, esterification and amidation reactions. The main uses of adipate are as a raw material for three main products, namely: the synthesis of nylon 66 salt, which in turn is used to manufacture Chemicalbook polyamide resins and fibres (nylon 66), the largest end market for adipate; the synthesis of polyester polyols, which are used in the production of polyester-based polyurethanes; and adipate diester plasticisers. It is also used in the production of premium lubricants and food additives (acidulants for food and beverages).


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