Agar-Agar CAS 9002-18-0

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MF:C14H24O9, C14H24O9

EINECS No.:232-658-1

Place of Origin:Shandong China, Shandong China

Type:Pharmaceutical Intermediates
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Agar-Agar Typical Properties


Milky or yellowish fine powder

Gel Strength (Nikkan 1.5%,20℃)

Total Ash

Loss On Drying

Ability of absorbing water

Residue on Ignition



Heavy Metals(Pb)

Total Plate Count
<10000cfu/g Salmonella Absent in 25g E.Coli <3 cfu/g Yeast and Moulds <500 cfu/g Particle Size 100% through 80mesh Agar-Agar Usage As emulsifying stabilizer and thickening agent, AGAR has strong cementing ability, and its cementing strength increases when Shared with dextrin or sucrose.China’s provisions can be used for all kinds of food, according to the production needs appropriate use. Agar-Agar Packaging and Shipping Aluminum Foil Bag ,Fluoride Bottle ,25KG/Fiber Drum, According to customer’s request Agar-Agar Storage Store at room temperature and away from light


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