Ambroxane CAS 6790-58-5

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Ambroxane CAS 6790-58-5

Ambroxane Details
CAS No.:6790-58-5


EINECS No.:229-861-2

Place of Origin:Henan, China

Purity:99%, 99%min

Product Name:Ambroxide

CAS No:6790-58-5

Color:White Crystal Powder


Storage:Cool Dry Place

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Ambroxane Properties


Melting point
74-76 °C(lit.)

-30 º (c=1% in toluene)

Boiling point
273.9±8.0 °C(Predicted)



Optical activity
[α]20/D 29°, c = 1 in toluene

JECFA Number


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Ambroxane description
ChEBI: A diterpenoid derived from sclareol that is responsible for the odour of ambergris (a solid, waxy, flammable substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales).
Ambergris ether has a strong, distinctive ambergris aroma.
Used in high grade perfume and cosmetic essence, because it has no stimulation to human body, no allergic reaction to animal, so it is suitable for skin, hair and fabric to add fragrance.
It is often used as soap, talcum powder, cream and shampoo for adding fragrance and fixing fragrance.
The general dosage is 0.1%- 0.2%.
Fresh distilled pure products do not have an outstanding aroma, but when diluted to 10% with alcohol and exposed to air for a period of time, the aroma becomes softer and mellow.
The effect of the product is very outstanding, can greatly improve the diffusion and transmission of the essence, the promotion and enhancement of the effect from the head of the fragrance has been carried out from beginning to end.
Ambroxane Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:Packing: Net each in 25kg or 1000kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag.
Shipping:It can be according to the customer’s request
Ambroxane Storage

Room temperature


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