Ammonium citrate tribasic CAS 3458-72-8

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Ammonium citrate tribasic CAS  3458-72-8

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EINECS No.:222-394-5


Type:Food additive products

Appearance: White powder

Application:Acidity regulators
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Ammonium citrate tribasic Properties

Product name
Ammonium citrate tribasic

2,3-propanetricarboxylicacid,2-hydroxy-triammoniumsalt;ammonium cltrate tribasic;citric acid, diammonium;citric acid, diammonium, dibasic;citric acid diammonium salt;citric acid, ammonium salt, dibasic;ammonium citrate tribasic, 98.5%;ammonium citrate tribasic, ar,98.5%





Product Categories
Organic metal salts; Biological buffer solution; Biochemical reagents; Other raw materials; Inorganic compounds and salts; Citrate salt; food additives; Other biochemical reagents; Chemical products-organic chemical industry; Food additives; Biochemical reagents-other chemical reagents; Organic chemical raw materials

Melting point
185 °C (dec.)(lit.)

Boiling point
100 °C(lit.)

1 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

storage temp.
Store in a cool and dry place.


Brand Name
Fousi Chemical

Ammonium citrate tribasic Usage
1. Induction of paclitaxel biosynthesis pathways. Observe the changes in the yield of taxanes under the induction of 0, 0.1, 1, 10, 20 μmol/L ammonium citrate, and conduct qualitative analysis through biological metabolic pathways. The results showed that under the induction of 10μmol/L of ammonium citrate, the yield of paclitaxel increased nearly three times, and the concentration of 10-DAB and baccatinⅢ decreased, showing a certain degree of negative correlation with the concentration of paclitaxel. Through kinetic analysis, it was pointed out that the addition of ammonium citrate increased the reaction rate from baccatinⅢ to paclitaxel.
2. The influence on glycerol non-cyanide copper plating process. Through polarization curve analysis, Hull cell test and performance test of coating and plating solution, the influence of additive ammonium citrate on glycerol alkaline non-cyanide copper plating process was studied. . The results show that the addition of ammonium citrate can improve the stability of the plating solution, increase the cathodic polarization, broaden the range of cathode current density to 0.11~1.54A/dm2, and the cathode current efficiency as high as 95.6%. The resulting coating is fine and uniform. , Good binding force, provides a new idea for replacing cyanide copper plating.
3. Preparation of solid soil amendment A solid soil amendment containing titanium citrate and ammonium citrate and its application. The solid soil amendment is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 8-16 parts of titanium citrate, lemon 15-25 parts of ammonium acid, 12-20 parts of modified starch, 1-5 parts of Haijinsha, 3-10 parts of dimethyl sulfoxide. Under the synergistic effect of various raw materials, the solid soil amendment prepared by the invention can not only improve the soil structure, prevent soil compaction, but also supplement the organic matter of the soil. While improving the acid soil, comprehensive prevention and control of soil-borne diseases of tobacco leaves are carried out, which greatly reduces the incidence and delays the onset time; it can also significantly increase the yield of tobacco leaves and increase economic benefits. The preparation method of the invention is simple, the raw materials are easy to obtain, the cost is low, and it is suitable for factory production.
Used for determination of phosphate in fertilizer, and also used as complexing reagent
It is used to determine phosphate in fertilizers and also used as a complexing reagent.
Its aqueous solution can determine the effective phosphoric acid in phosphate and fertilizer. Used as a complexing agent.
Ammonium citrate tribasic Content analysis
Accurately weigh about 3.5g of the sample, dissolve it in 50ml of water, add 50ml of lmol/L sodium hydroxide, boil for 15min or until no ammonia escapes, add enough lmol/L sulfuric acid to make the solution phenolphthalein test solution (TS-167) is acidic, boil for 5min, cool, titrate with 1mol/L sodium hydroxide, use phenolphthalein test solution as indicator. Each mL1mol/L sodium hydroxide is equivalent to 81.07mg of ammonium citrate (C6H17N3O7).
Ammonium citrate tribasic Features and uses
Triammonium Citrate (English Ammonium Citrate), also known as ammonium citrate, triammonium citrate, ammonium citrate, is a white crystalline powder with an ammonia smell, soluble in water and acid, and its aqueous solution is acidic and hardly soluble in ethanol. Ether and acetone.
Easily deliquescence, decomposes when heated to the melting point, non-toxic.
It is made from citric acid monohydrate as raw material, refined and extracted.
Mainly used in chemical analysis (such as the determination of phosphate in fertilizers), industrial water treatment, metal cleaning, non-cyanide electroplating complexing agent, ceramic dispersant, detergent raw material, and soil conditioner components.
Ammonium citrate tribasic Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:25kg/ bag, customer’s request
Shipping:It can be according to the customer’s request
Ammonium citrate tribasic Storage
Store in a cool and dry place.


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