Ammonium thiosulfate solution CAS 7783-18-8

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Ammonium thiosulfate

Ammonium thiosulfate solution Quick Details
Chemical Name: Ammonium thiosulfate solution

CAS No.: 7783-18-8

Molecular formula: H8N2O3S2

Molecular weight: 148.21

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Content (%): 56-60%

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Ammonium thiosulfate solution Typical Properties


Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid


pH 20℃

Proportion 20℃


Heavy Metal(By Pb)


The production process adopted by our company
Sulfur method:

Stir an appropriate amount of water and sulfur powder into a slurry in the reactor, slowly add solid sodium cyanide in batches, and react at about 110 ° C to form sodium thiocyanate.
Then add solid ammonium chloride to form ammonium thiocyanate.
Then, barium thiocyanate was added to the reaction solution to remove impurities and clarify, and the supernatant was evaporated under reduced pressure to concentrate and precipitate sodium chloride.
It is further filtered, cooled, crystallized, separated and dried to obtain ammonium thiocyanate.

What is ammonium thiosulfate? 
Ammonium thiocyanate is also known as Ammonium thiosulfate solution, for the synthesis of insecticides buprofezin intermediate tert-butyl isothiocyanate and insecticide azoximycin, fungicide levodiazide, herbicide fluoride thiophene Herbicides and the like, and it is also used as an auxiliary raw material for the production of hydrogen peroxide and as a dye, an organic synthesis polymerization catalyst.
What is the difference between ammonium thiosulfate solution and ammonium thiosulfate solid?
Ammonium thiosulfate has different liquid and solid content, the liquid content is 56-60%, and the solid content is about 97%. Ammonium thiosulfate solution can be used directly, and the solid form of ammonium thiosulfate needs to be dissolved.
Ammonium thiosulfate solution Application

Ammonium thiosulfate is used as a bactericide and analytical reagent in medicine.
Ammonium thiosulfate is used in agriculture to synthesize the intermediate of the insecticide buprofezin, isobutyl isothiocyanate, and the insecticide, zodiazepine, fungicide, leaf azole, herbicide flufenacetate, etc. The intermediate thiosemicarbazide.
In addition, it is also used in the manufacture of auxiliary materials and dyes for hydrogen peroxide, organically synthesized polymerization catalysts and the like.
In the photographic industry, it is used as a photographic fixer, which is more soluble in silver halide than sodium salt and has the advantages of short washing time and easy silver recovery.
This product is also used as the main component of the silver plating bath in the industry. It is used as a complexing agent in the non-cyanide plating, and the thiosulfate is combined with the silver ion to form a complexion of thiosulfate sulfate. The cathode polarization is enhanced to make the silver plating layer crystallized and the covering ability is good. The general dosage is 200-250 g/L. Also used in the synthesis of organic boron compounds, plasticizers, welding flux; metal surface detergent; aluminum-magnesium alloy casting protection agent.

Ammonium thiosulfate solution Packaging and Shipping 
Packing: 250kg / drum or 1300kg / drum
Ammonium thiosulfate solution Storage
It should be placed in ventilation low-temperature drying.



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