Calcium L-aspartate CAS 21059-46-1

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Calcium L-aspartate

Calcium L-aspartate Quick Details
Product Name: Calcium L-aspartate

CAS No.: 21059-46-1

Molecular Formula: C4H5CaNO4

Molecular Weight: 171.16

Appearance: Blue powder

Content: 99.0%min
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Calcium L-aspartate Typical Properties


Blue powder


<0.04% Heavy Metals <0.002% Brand name Fousi chemical Calcium L-aspartate Usage Used as raw materials for health products and medicines Calcium L-aspartate is an amino acid chelated calcium used as calcium nutrient fortifier, pharmaceutical raw material, etc. Calcium aspartate can greatly improve the efficiency of calcium absorption by the human body. This calcium additive has good compatibility with the human body. Studies have shown that calcium aspartate can be stably dissolved in the intestinal fluid, and the intestinal villi can efficiently capture calcium aspartate, and the molecular absorption of calcium aspartate can be achieved through the intestinal villi epithelial cells The reductase in the cell converts the calcium ions in calcium aspartate into zero-valent calcium and transports the calcium atoms to the desired calcium site through the blood circulation. Calcium L-aspartate Packaging and Shipping  Packaging: 25KG/Drum or 1kg/bag Calcium L-aspartate Storage Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.


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