Calcium Propionate CAS 4075-81-4

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Calcium Propionate CAS  4075-81-4

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EINECS No.:223-795-8


Type:Food additive products

Appearance:White powder

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Calcium Propionate Typical Properties

Product name
Calcium Propionate

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Product Categories
Biochemistry; Organic and inorganic chemical industry; Inorganic chemical industry; Inorganic salts; Blood (hematopoietic system) drugs; Medicine and biochemistry; inorganic & organic chemicals; inorganics; Food and feed additives; Food additives; Inorganic chemical raw materials; Inorganic salts (minerals); Nutritional fortifier (nutritional supplement; industry grade; food additives

Melting point
300 °C


Water solubility
1 g/10 mL

storage temp.
Store below +30°C.


Brand Name
Fousi Chemical

Calcium Propionate Usage
Preservatives used in bread, cakes, cheese and other solid foods, mildew inhibitors and mineral additives in feed industry.
Calcium Propionate use
Used as a preservative for bread, cakes and cheese and an antifungal agent for feed.
As a food preservative, calcium propionate is mainly used in bread, because sodium propionate increases the pH of bread and delays the fermentation of raw noodles;
Sodium propionate is often used in pastries, because the pastry’s leavening uses synthetic leavening agents, and there is no problem of yeast development caused by rising pH.
When used as a feed preservative, sodium propionate is more effective than calcium propionate. But calcium propionate is more stable than sodium propionate.
In addition to bread, cakes, cheese, etc., propionate can also be used in soy sauce to prevent mildew and inhibit re-fermentation. In medicine, propionate can be made
into powders, solutions and ointments to treat diseases caused by skin parasitic molds. The ointment (liquid) contains 12.3% sodium propionate, and the powder contains 15% calcium propionate.
Used as food antiseptic and anti-fungal agent, used in cakes, bread, soy sauce, vinegar, cut noodles, etc.
Calcium propionate is also an acid-type food preservative, and its antibacterial effect is affected by the environmental Ph value. The minimum inhibitory concentration is 0.01% when the Ph value is 5.0, and 0.5% when the Ph value is 6.5.
It has a strong inhibitory effect on various molds, gram-negative bacilli or aerobic bacillus in acid medium.
It has a special effect on preventing the production of aflatoxin, but it is almost ineffective on yeast. In the food industry, it is mainly used for vinegar, soy sauce, bread, cakes and soy products. The maximum use amount (calculated as propionic acid, the same below) is 2.5g/kg; the maximum use amount is 0.25g/kg in wet noodle products . It can also be used as an antifungal agent for feed.
Preservatives; antifungal agents.
Used as a food antiseptic and antifungal agent, it has a wide range of inhibitory effects on molds, yeasts and bacteria
Used as analytical reagent
Calcium Propionate Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:25kg/Bag, customer’s request
Shipping:It can be according to the customer’s request
Calcium Propionate Storage
Store below +30°C.



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