Carbomer 980 CAS 54182-57-9

Products Name

Carbomer 980

Carbomer 980 Details
Chemical Name: Carbomer 980

CAS No.: 54182-57-9

Appearance: Fluffy white powder
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Carbomer 980 Typical Properties

Viscosity0.2% aqueous solution0.5% aqueous solution

Solution clarity0.2% aqueous solution0.5% aqueous solution

Residual Ethyl Acetate/Cyclohexane (%)

Loss on drying(%)

Packing density(g/100ml)

Pb+As+Hg+Sb /ppm

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Carbomer 980 Usage

Carbomer 900 series is a high molecular copolymer of acrylic acid and allyl sucrose or allyl pentaerythritol. According to the relative molecular weight of the polymer and the degree of crosslinking, carbomer can be divided into many different models. Carbomer 980 is one of Carbomer series products.
Mainly used as a controlled release drug made of sustained-release material and a topical drug as a carrier matrix

Carbomer 980 Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 20kg/carton
Carbomer 980 Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food materials


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