carnauba wax cas 8015-86-9

Chemical Name:Carnauba wax
CAS No.: 8015-86-9
Appearance: Yellow Powder
Assay: 99%

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Carnauba waxQuick Details
Chemical Name:Carnauba wax
CAS No.: 8015-86-9
Appearance: Yellow Powder
Assay: 99%
Carnauba waxTypical Properties


Yellowish flake,powder

Melting point

Acid value

Saponification value

Ester value

Carnauba wax Usage
1. for food ingredients: chewing gum polishing agent and polishing agent, soft and hard bean-like gum candy and chocolate glazing agent;
2. used in building materials: floor wax: it has an unexpected polishing and brightening effect. Rubber products: It can enhance the hardness of rubber and prevent the hardening of rubber caused by sun sun. Especially useful for floor coverings. Asphalt and floor joint materials: improve their water resistance and viscosity; roof materials: improve water resistance and durability.
3. Daily use: Shoe polish: suitable for polishing oil soles or underwater shoe polish. Furniture: It is still an unparalleled polishing agent for underwater or oil soles. Leather goods: used for the polishing and preservation of leather, giving leather garments and leather tote bags a dazzling luster while also serving as a base for leather polishing and leather oil. Carbon paper and printing ink: the “blood of life” called the carbon paper industry.
4. Industrial field: It is used to wrap the bare part of the aircraft, giving it long-lasting protection and reducing surface friction to increase its flight speed. Chemical industry: used in a wide range of forms and formulations. Synthetic wax: Entering the composition makes it an all-weather, bright coating for cars, trucks, buses and trains. Foundry industry: used in foundry wax and galvanizing processes.
Carnauba wax Packaging
25-50KG/drums or bag
Carnauba waxStorage
It should be placed inventilation low-temperature drying.



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