Cerium Ammonium Nitrate CAS No 16774-21-3

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Cerium Ammonium Nitrate

Cerium Ammonium Nitrate CAS No 16774-21-3 Details
Chemical Name: Cerium Ammonium Nitrate

CAS No.: 16774-21-3

Molecular Formula: Ce.4NO3.2HNO3.2H3N

Appearance: Orange crystalline powder


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Cerium Ammonium Nitrate CAS No 16774-21-3 Typical Properties


Orange crystalline powder



< 2ppm Fe < 2ppm K < 1 ppm Al < 2ppm Cd < 1 ppm Cr < 1 ppm Cu < 1 ppm Mg < 1 ppm Mn < 1 ppm Na <2ppm Ni <1 ppm Pb < 1 ppm Zn < 1 ppm Cl- < 1 ppm SO₄²⁻ < 1 ppm Turbidity < 1 NTU Cerium Ammonium Nitrate Usage Cerium ammonium nitrate (abbreviation CAN) is a strong oxidant, which is more oxidizable under acidic conditions, second only to F2, XeO3, Ag2 +, O3, HN3. In aqueous solutions and other protic solvents, CAN is a single-electron oxidant, and the consumption of CAN can be judged from the color change (from orange to light yellow). Due to the limitation of solubility in organic solvents, most of the reactions that CAN participate in are performed in mixed solvents such as water / acetonitrile. In the presence of other oxidants such as sodium bromate, tert-butyl hydroperoxide, oxygen, etc., Ce4 + can be recycled to achieve a catalytic reaction. In addition, CAN is also an effective nitrification reagent. Cerium Ammonium Nitrate Packaging and Shipping  50 kg/Iron drum Cerium Ammonium Nitrate Storage 1.Keep containers tightly closed. 2.Keep container in a dry,cool and well-ventilated place. 3.Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. 4.Store away from incompatible materials and foodstuff containers.


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