chimassorb 2020 cas 192268-64-7

Appearance: Yellow particles
Packing: 25kg/ box; 20boxes/pallet
Sample: Available

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Chimassorb 2020
Chimassorb 2020 Quick Details
Chemical Name: CHIMASSORB 2020
CAS No.: 192268-64-7
Appearance: Yellow particles
pH value: 7 – 10
Melting point: 100 – 150℃
Flash point: > 275℃
Ignition temperature: 390℃
Chimassorb 2020 Typical Properties


Yellow particles




Chimassorb 2020 Usage
The product is a high performance polymeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), especially suitable for polyolefin (PP, PE, etc.), polyolefin copolymer, nylon, polyacetal, polyester and other high molecular polymer products. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of photoaging phenomenon, such as mechanical strength drop, yellowing, etc., and improve the weather resistance of the product. This product can also be used for copolymers of polyolefins with EVA, PPO, etc., polyoxymethylene (POM), nylon (PA), polyurethane (PU), soft and hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and PVC blends. In addition, this product also has good light stabilizing effect on styrene, rubber and adhesive.
Chimassorb 2020 Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/ box; 20boxes/pallet.
Chimassorb 2020 Storage
Theproduct is easy to absorb moisture and needs to be stored in a clean environment with airtightness, dryness, and protection from light and below 50 °C.



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