Chlorine dioxide tablets CAS 10049-04-4

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Chlorine dioxide tablets

Chlorine dioxide tablets Quick Details
Product Name: Chlorine dioxide tablets

CAS No: 10049-04-4

Molecular Formula: ClO2

Molecular Weight: 67.45

Appearance: white powder Or white solid

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Chlorine dioxide tablets Typical Properties


Appearance of aqueous solution
Yellow green

ClO2, %        ≥

Conclusion: Qualified

Chlorine dioxide tablets molecular formula

Chlorine dioxide tablets Introduction
Stable chlorine dioxide CLO2 is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and non-toxic new type of sterilization and disinfectant, which has been widely used in many fields.
Compared with chlorine, its biocidal ability is 3 to 5 times higher, and its biocidal effect is basically not affected by the pH value, and has a continuous antibacterial effect. It is safe, non-toxic, has no side effects on the human body, the treated water has no peculiar smell, and does not contain carcinogens. It is an internationally recognized chlorine disinfectant as the most ideal substitute product.
Chlorine dioxide tablets Uses
Mainly used for bleaching pulp and paper, fiber, wheat flour, starch, refining and bleaching oil, beeswax, etc. Disinfection and sterilization of drinking water.
Chlorine dioxide is used as a bactericide and can be used in fish processing at a dosage of 0.05g/kg (aqueous solution); in the preservation of vegetables and fruits, the dosage is 0.01%.
Used in industrial water treatment as a disinfectant. It can also be used for the bleaching of pulp and fiber, the scouring of flour, oil, sugar, and the depilation of leather.
Stable chlorine dioxide is a new type of disinfectant used in circulating water systems. It can kill microorganisms, protozoa and algae in water and remove nitrite from water. Used for disinfection and sterilization in pearl farming industry. Treat the prawns with ice cubes containing 20×10-6 stable chlorine dioxide, so that the prawns will not turn black and have a good fresh-keeping effect. Lettuce and yellow mud snail are soaked and disinfected to achieve sterility. It can be used for tableware disinfection, refrigerator deodorization, contact lens disinfection, rice bran oil purification, car deodorization and disinfection. It is widely used in food and beverage, hospital and pharmaceutical industry. Foreign countries use carriers to make stable chlorine dioxide liquid into solids, colloids, granules, microencapsulated powders and slow-release solids, and then mix with other auxiliary materials. Japan has developed chlorine dioxide sterilizing detergent.
Used for the sterilization, algae killing and slime stripping of circulating cooling water in petrochemical plants, synthetic ammonia plants and oil refineries, hotel air conditioning cooling water systems
The scope of application of chlorine dioxide: bleaching and keeping fresh of edible fungus, ground ring, silver bars, bamboo shoots, lotus seeds, melon seeds, yuba, konjac, radish, fish fillets, meat, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages, and flour bleaching .
Chlorine dioxide tablets toxicity
Chlorine dioxide is harmful to the human body, its toxicity is similar to that of chlorine, and it can erode the eyes and respiratory organs. In the case of high concentrations, it can cause death by invading the central nervous system.
The allowable concentration in the air is 0.3mg/m3. If it has been inhaled, move it to clean air immediately.
If accidentally splashed into people’s eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. You must wear work clothes, rubber aprons, latex gloves, and personal protective masks before working. When working, the production equipment is required to be closed and well ventilated. After get off work, be sure to take a shower.
Chlorine dioxide tablets Instructions
1. Pretreatment: soak the desired bleached food in water, desalinate for 24 hours or foam, running water is the best (salted food can omit this process).
2. Preparation of concentrated solution: add 1000 grams of this product powder into 25 kg of water and stir until it is completely dissolved, then put it into a sealed plastic bucket and put it in a cool place for later use (shelf life is 12 months).
3. Bleaching solution configuration: weigh a certain amount of concentrated solution and corresponding weight of activator (provided by citric acid) according to the requirements in the table, mix and stir for 10-20 minutes, and then add water according to the amount in the table and dilute with water .
4. Bleaching: Weigh the corresponding weight of food into the bleaching solution, and then remove it after bleaching to the required whiteness. The temperature of the bleaching solution is controlled at 40-50℃ for the best bleaching effect and the fastest speed.
Chlorine dioxide tablets Usage

Disinfection of living, drinking and tap water in various occasions
Sterilization and disinfection of hotel, family, stall tableware and sanitary facilities and air environment
Final sterilization and disinfection of equipment, pipes and containers in food and beverage plants and fermentation industry
Sterilization treatment of pipelines, facilities and environment of dairy and slaughterhouse;
Sterilization treatment of hospital sewage;
Sterilization and disinfection of circulating water and bath water in swimming pool
Disinfection, sterilization, deodorization and anti mildew treatment of medical, health and clinical instruments
Sterilization and fresh-keeping of family, hotel, restaurant, fruits and vegetables, fish and meat food, final washing and disinfection of sanitary appliances;
Sterilization and deodorization in reclaimed water reuse
Bleaching agents for flour and various foods
Bleaching agents in papermaking and printing and dyeing industry
Algae removal and sterilization of industrial cooling circulating water

 Chlorine dioxide tablets tablets Package
100g/bottle or as customized package.
Chlorine dioxide tablets Storage
Sheltered, dry, dark place for storage.


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