cis-3-hexenyl salicylate cas 65405-77-8

Assay: 97%
Appearance: colorless liquid
Capacity: 1000MT
Packaging: 180kg/drum


cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate
cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate Quick Details
Product Name: cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate
CAS: 65405-77-8
Molecular Formula:C13H16O3
Molecular Weight:220.26
Chemical Structure:
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Assay: 98.0%
cis-3-Hexenyl salicylateTypical Properties


Colorless liquid

Refractive index (20 ° C)
1.518 – 1.525

Content (%)
97 – 100

Acid value (KOH mg/g)
0 – 2

Relative density (20/20 °C)
1.059 – 1.067

cis-3-Hexenyl salicylateUsage
It can be used in the blending of fresh herbal flavors.
cis-3-Hexenyl salicylatePackaging
Net weight: 200kgper drum
cis-3-Hexenyl salicylateStorage
Storage conditions: To be stored in Cool, dry and ventilated location and protected from light. Shelf life:Two year with proper storage.


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