Cyclen CAS 294-90-6

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Cyclen Details
Chemical Name: Cyclen

CAS No.: 294-90-6

Molecular Formula: C8H20N4

Molecular Weight: 172.27

Appearance: White to off-white solid
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Cyclen Typical Properties


White to off-white solid


Boiling Point

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Cyclen Usage

Cyclen is an intermediate in organic synthesis, especially a precursor compound for the synthesis of metal ion macrocyclic chelating agents.
For example, Cyclopentin is used to synthesize the contrast agent Gadobutrol, and the magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and spinal cord can accurately determine the exact location of tumors and other lesions. There is huge potential in the field of medical research.
Cyclen can be used to control blood pressure and lower blood pressure during anesthesia.

Cyclen Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/drum
Cyclen Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food materials


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