Cyclohexanol CAS 22832-87-7

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Cyclohexanol Details
Chemical Name: Cyclohexanol

CAS No.: 22832-87-7

Molecular Formula: C6H12O

Molecular Weight: 100.16

Appearance: Colorless liquid

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Cyclohexanol Typical Properties

Cyclohexanol  (%)

Methyl Cyclopentanol ( ppm)

Cyclohexanone  (ppm)

Dicycloethyl ether (ppm)

Colour (Hazen)

Water (%)

Light component (ppm)

High component (ppm)

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Cyclohexanol Usage

Important chemical raw materials, mainly used for the production of adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine, cyclohexanone, caprolactam
It can also be used as stabilizer for soap, rubber, resin, nitro fiber, metal soap, oil, ester, ether solvent, paint admixture, leather degreasing agent, release agent and dry cleaner.
Cyclohexanol is also a raw material for fiber finishing agents, pesticides, and plasticizers. Cyclohexanol reacts with phosgene to obtain cyclohexyl chloroformate, which is an intermediate of the initiator dicyclohexyl peroxydicarbonate.
Colorimetric method for the determination of molybdenum and rhenium, and phenylhydrazine for the determination of aluminum. Use 8-carbonylquinoline or iodide to determine bismuth as a solvent to extract colored substances. Rubber, resin and nitrocellulose solvents.

Cyclohexanol Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 185kg/drum
Cyclohexanol Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from fire, heat, light, acids and food materials


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