diammonium phosphonate CAS 22132-71-4

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diammonium phosphonate CAS 22132-71-4

Ethylene thiourea Details
Chemical Name: diammonium phosphonate

CAS No.: 22132-71-4

Molecular Fomula: H9N2O3P

Molecular weight: 116.056821

Appearance: White crystal

Assay: 98%
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diammonium phosphonate Typical Properties


Melting point
>300 °C(lit.)

Boiling point
200ºC at 860 mmHg

Flash point
75 °C

diammonium phosphonate Usage
1. It is an efficient fertilizer widely applied to vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat.
2. Industrial use of feed additives, flame retardant and extinguishing agent ingredients.
diammonium phosphonate Packaging and Shipping
Delivery:By sea and air and express.
diammonium phosphonate Storage
normal temperature preservation.


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