Dibasic Lead Stearate CAS 56189-09-4

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Dibasic Lead Stearate

Dibasic Lead Stearate Details
Chemical Name: Dibasic Lead Stearate

CAS No.: 56189-09-4

Molecular Formula: C36H70O6Pb2

Molecular Weight: 1013.35

Appearance: White powder

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Dibasic Lead Stearate Typical Properties

White powder

Content %

Water %
<1 Free acid % <0.5 Finesse  150mesh Pass Brand name Fousi chemical Dibasic Lead Stearate Usage Widely used in stabilizers, lubricants, rubber products smoothing agents and transparent softeners Dibasic Lead Stearate Packaging and Shipping Packing: 25kg/bag Dibasic Lead Stearate Storage Stored in cool dry ventilated place


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