dichlorophenylphosphine cas 644-97-3

Assay: 99%
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Capacity: 2000MT/YEAR
Packaging: 250kg plastic drum ;IBC drum;ISO TANK
Sample: available


Dichlorophenylphosphine quick Details
Chemical Name: Dichlorophenylphosphine
Abbreviation:DCPP, BPD
CAS No: 644-97-3
Molecular Formula: C6H5PCl2
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Weight: 178.99
Appearance: Clear liquid
Assay: 99%min
Dichlorophenylphosphine typical Properties




Colorless Liquid





Refractive index:


Dichlorophenylphosphine Usage

Dichlorophenylphosphine (DCPP) is one of the most important monomers for the synthesis of various aromatic organophosphorus compounds.
It is also an intermediate for the preparation of pesticides, plasticizers, nylon stabilizers, dyes, photopolymer photoinitiators, and is widely used in the preparation of organophosphorus oxides. Fuels, organophosphorus pesticides, antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, insecticides, catalysts and high pressure lubricants, and paint formers.
Among them, the phosphorus-based reactive flame retardant prepared by DCPP is widely used in permanent flame retardant products such as polyester resin. With the development of polymeric organophosphorus flame retardant, DCPP is one of the intermediates of flame retardant polyester. For further application.
Dichlorophenyl phosphine Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 200KG/ drum
Delivery: 7-10 days after receipt the payment
Dichlorophenyl phosphine Storage
The package is complete and lightly loaded; the warehouse is ventilated, away from open flames, high temperature, and stored separately from oxidants and acids.


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