Diethyl succinate CAS 123-25-1

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Diethyl succinate

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EINECS No.: 204-612-0


Type:chemical intermediate

Appearance: yellow liquid

Application:Phchemical intermediate
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Diethyl succinate Typical Properties

 Diethyl succinate

 Diethyl butanedioate


 Molecular Formula

 Molecular Weight



 Colorless Liquid

 99% Min


 -20 ºC

 217 ºC

 Refractive Index

 Flash Point
 90 ºC

Diethyl succinate  Usage
Used as food flavoring agent, solvent, organic synthesis intermediate, gas chromatography fixed liquid
Used as a solvent;Organic synthesis intermediate;Gas chromatography fixed solution (maximum temperature of  60℃, solvent is either).
Diethyl succinate Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:25 kg/package, as customer’s request
Shipping:It can be according to the customer’s request
Diethyl succinate  storage
Store at RT


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