Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3

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EINECS No.:201-662-5

Place of Origin:Shandong China

Type:Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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Diphenylacetonitrile Typical Properties

Industral Chemicals / Organic Intermediates

dibenzylcyanide;Difenylacetonitril;diphenyl-acetonitril;Diphenyl-alpha-cyanomethane;USAF kf-13;usafkf-13;Benzeneacetonitrile, alpha-phenyl-;DIPHENYLACETONITRILE PESTANAL, 250 MG


Melting point
71-73 °C(lit.)

Boiling point
181 °C12 mm Hg(lit.)

1.1061 (rough estimate)

White powder

Diphenylacetonitrile Usage
t can be used as a herbicide. It is used to control turf grasses before buds. It is used to synthesize isocyanates, and is further prepared into UV coatings, PU paints, transparent elastomers, and adhesives such as Chemicalbook. In addition, it is also used in the polyamide and epoxy resin industries. , Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. In medicine, it is used to produce gastric amine, phenethylpiperidine, quasi-santong and other drugs.
Diphenylacetonitrile Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:25kg net packed in cardboard drum, or according to customer’s request
Shipping: By air, by sea or by courier
Diphenylacetonitrile Storage
100.0 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month Gold Products


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