Description DL-MethionineDetails Chemical Name:DL-Methionine CAS No.: 59-51-8 Molecular Formula: C5H11NO2S Molecular Weight: 149.21 MolecularStructure: Appearance:Off-White or Grayish Powder DL-MethionineTypical Properties Appearance Off-White or Grayish powder Assay ≥99% Loss on drying ≤0.30% Chloride ≤0.20% Heavy Mental ≤20mg/kg Arsenic ≤2mg/kg DL-MethionineUsage 1. Suitable for prevention and treatment of liver diseases and arsenic or benzene poisoning 2. Malnutrition caused by protein deficiency after treatment of dysentery and chronic infectious diseases 3. In medicine, it can be used as a main component of amino acid infusion and complex amino acids, and can also be used to synthesize medicinal vitamins. It can be used to produce liver-protecting preparations by utilizing its anti-fatty liver function. 4. In food, it can be used as a nutritional supplement for amino acid fortification of foods and processing of food health products. 5. Culture application for mammals and insect cells with mixed isomers DL-MethioninePacking and Shipping Packing: 25kg/fiberdrum DL-MethionineStorage Stored in cool dry ventilated warehouse

DL-Methionine CAS 59-51-8

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Chemical Name: DL-Methionine

CAS No.:59-51-8

Molecular Fomula:C5H11NO2S

Molecular weight:149.21

Appearance:White Crystals or Crystalline Powder

Sample: Available

DL-Methionine cas 59-51-8

Description of Amurex

Methionine (abbreviated as Met or M; encoded by the codon AUG) is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It contains an α-amino group (which is in the protonated −NH3+ form under biological conditions), an α-carboxylic acid group (which is in the deprotonated −COO− form under biological conditions), and an S-methyl thioether side chain, classifying it as a non-polar, aliphatic amino acid. It is essential in humans, meaning the body cannot synthesize it and thus it must be obtained from the diet.
Methionine is coded for by the initiation codon meaning it indicates the start of the coding region and is the first amino acid produced in a nascent polypeptide during mRNA translation.

Basic Info of Amurex

Chemical Name



Meonine;Urimeth;L-MET;Metione;DL-2-Amino-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid;Expand



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight






Safety Info



Safety Statements


HS Code


WGK Germany


Risk Statements


Hazard Codes



Appearance & Physical State

white crystalline powder with a faint odor



Boiling Point

306.9ºC at 760 mmHg

Melting Point


Flash Point



Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidising agents.

Storage Condition


Numbering system

MDL number


EINECS number


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What is Amurex?

With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, chemical products have invariably permeated our daily lives, in medicine, food, cosmetics, electronics, industry, and other areas, becoming an essential part of our lives. One such product is DL-Methionine which has developed particularly rapidly in recent years. Do you know about Amurex?

The official answer:Amurex is the chemical compound with the molecular formula C5H11NO2S; CH3SCH2CH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH.

What’s the application of Amurex?

Amurex is used as a nutritional supplement. It has the same physiological effects as L-type methionine, but is less expensive (L-type is made from DL-type), so it is generally used by Chemicalbook for Amurex. In oats, rye, rice, maize, wheat, peanut flour, soybeans, potatoes, spinach and other plant foods to improve amino acid balance.


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