docusate sodium 75% cas 577-11-7

Assay: 40% 50% 70% 75%
Appearance: Light yellow to colorless liquid
Capacity: 10000MT per year
Packaging: 200kg/plastic drum ;IBC drum
Sample: available
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COA of Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 577-11-7
TDS of Sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate 577-11-7

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Docusate sodiumQuick Details
Chemical Name: Docusate sodium
CAS No.:577-11-7
Molecular Fomula:C20H37O7S.Na
Chemical Structure:
Molecular weight: 444.56
Appearance: Liquid
Docusate sodium Typical Properties


Appearance at 25 ℃
Yellowish to colorless liquid

Content %


Specific gravity at 25 ℃

Docusate sodiumUsage
This product is an excellent emulsifier, detergent and penetrant used in the textile industry. Permeability and wettability are good.
Thickeners; Emulsifiers; Wetting agents.
The product is a surfactant, emulsifier, wetting agent.
Also called Aerosol OT, used as a lubricant, can be used as a surfactant in the printing and dyeing industries and cosmetics industry.
Surfactant, levelling agent for printing and dyeing industry, can also be used as photographic material emulsion.
Surfactants, emulsifiers, wetting agents. In combination with CAPSO microemulsion electrophoresis for the detection of natural and synthetic estrogens. Preparing reversed-phase particles in a hydrocarbon solvent is suitable for dissolving most membrane proteins.
Used as a surfactant, printing and dyeing industry as penetrant.
Docusate sodium Packaging and Shipping
Docusate sodium Storage
Room temperature


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