Ethyl vinyl ether cas 109-92-2

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Ethyl vinyl ether

Ethyl vinyl ether Quick Details
product name: Ethyl vinyl ether

CAS No: 109-92-2

Molecular Formula:C4H8O

Molecular Weight:72.11

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

purity: 99%min
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Ethyl vinyl ether Typical Properties


colorless transparent liquid
colorless transparent liquid


Ethyl alcohol


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Ethyl vinyl ether Usage

Vinyl ether paralyzes the central nervous system, and its anesthetic effect is stronger than ether, so it is used as an anesthetic and analgesic in medicine. The product is also an intermediate of fine chemicals, which can be used in the production of drugs sulfadiazine, disinfectant glutaraldehyde, polymers, paints, etc. It can also be used to make spices and lubricant additives.
Used as an anesthetic, analgesic in medicine, as an intermediate of fine chemicals, as an intermediate of sulfadiazine, as a monomer of a copolymer and as a raw material for organic synthesis, and can be used to prepare spices and lubricate Oil additives, etc.

Ethyl vinyl ether Packaging
Ethyl vinyl ether Storage

Should be stored in a closed system, and be kept in a dry dark place without any light exposure.
The shelf life is two years in original, unopened containers.
Stored separately from oxidants and acids


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