Glyceryl monothioglycolate CAS 30618-84-9

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Glyceryl monothioglycolate

Glyceryl monothioglycolate Quick Details
Chemical Name: Glyceryl monothioglycolate

CAS No.: 30618-84-9

Molecular Formula: C5H10O4S

Molecular weight: 166.2

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

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Glyceryl monothioglycolate Typical Properties


Colorless transparent liquid

≤ 2.0

Specific Gravity (g/m3)

Purity (%)
 ≥ 82.0

Glyceryl monothioglycolate Usage
Used in the cosmetics industry to produce personal care products, curling perm agents, hair straighteners, etc.
Glyceryl monothioglycolate Package
Packing: 200kg/drum
Glyceryl monothioglycolate Storage
Store in a cool, ventilated place indoors, with a storage period of two years.


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