Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin cas 128446-32-2

Purity: 95%-105%
Capacity: 8000 tons/year
Appearance: White powder, odourless, slightly sweet
Packaging: 1kg/ Foil bag and 25kg/drum
Sample: available
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COA of Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin
TDS of Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin

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Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin
Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin Details
Chemical Name: Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin
CAS No.:128446-32-2
Molecular Formula: C56H98O42
Molecular Weight: 1443.35
Molecular Structure:
Appearance: White powder, odourless, slightly sweet
Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin Properties

Test item

White powder, odourless, slightly sweet

Should meet the requirements




Clarity and Colour of solution
Should meet the requirements


Residue on ignition

Heavy metal


Total aerobic bacteria
≤103 cfu/g

Yeast and Mold
≤102 cfu/g

Escherichia coli

Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin  Usage

In medicine, it can improve the solubility and bioavailability of the drug, increase the efficacy of the drug or reduce the dosage, adjust or control the release speed of the drug, reduce the toxic side effects of the drug, and enhance the stability of the drug. It is mainly used in oral liquid. The highest degree of safety.
In the field of food and spice Chemicalbook, it can improve the stability and long-term effect of nutritional molecules, and can mask or correct the bad smell and taste of food nutritional molecules.
In the field of cosmetics, it can reduce the irritation of organic molecules in cosmetics to the skin and mucous membrane tissues, enhance the stability of substances, and prevent the volatilization and oxidation of nutrients.

Hydroxyethyl Beta-Cyclodextrin Packaging and Shipping
1kg/ Foil bag and 25kg/drum


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