Immobilized lipase Novozyme 435 CAS 9001-62-1

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Immobilized lipase Novozyme 435

Ethylene thiourea Details
Assay: 12000PLU

Capacity: 80kg/month

Packaging: 500g/Bag

Sample: Available

Appearance: White crystalline granular powder
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CAS 9001-62-1 Typical Properties


Arsenic(AS mg/kg)
not detected

Pb (mg/kg)
not detected

Number of colonies(CFU/g)

Coliform (CFU/g)

Escherichia (CFU/g)

Salmonella (CFU/g)
not detected

CAS 9001-62-1 Usage
1、Can be used as an enzyme preparation. It is mainly used in cheese manufacturing (defatting and producing special flavor of products, the maximum dosage is 100mg/kg), lipid modification, lipid hydrolysis to prevent the deterioration of fat in certain dairy products and chocolate.
2、It is an excellent preparation for milk chocolate and cream cake to produce special flavor. Add to the protein to break down the fat that may be mixed in, thereby improving its foaming ability. Adding lipase during wine brewing can promote wine fermentation and increase wine flavor.
CAS 9001-62-1 Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 1kg/bag  5kg/bag
CAS 9001-62-1 Storage
Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from acid and food



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