Keratin hydrolyzed CAS 69430-36-0

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Keratin hydrolyzed

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EINECS No.: 274-001-1


Type: Food additives

Appearance: white powder

Application:Food additives
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Keratin hydrolyzed Typical Properties

 Brand  Name

 Product  Name
BCAA  powder

 CAS #

 Loss on drying
 ≤ 0.50%

 ≤ 0.05%

 ≤ 0.03%

 Residue on ignition
 ≤ 0.40%

 White Crystalline Powder

 Heavy metals(Pb)
 ≤ 10ppm

 Particle size
 100% pass 80 mesh

 Shelf Life
 Two years

 Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat.
The preferred storage temperature is 10-30° C

Instanitized BCAA powder is an instantized blend of three branch chain amion acid in a ratio of 2:1:1. and 4:1:1 Lecithin is added as surfactant. It can be dissolved in water very fast, suitable for sport drink, solid instant formula

Keratin hydrolyzed product features
Hydrolyzed keratin has a protective effect on hair and hair, and it can effectively protect damaged hair. It can also effectively repair split hair, reduce and prevent split ends.
The main principle as a repair agent and nutrient: Hair contains a lot of keratin, which accounts for about 65%-95% of the hair. Many natural active proteins have a high affinity for hair and are easily absorbed by the hair. Film-forming effect, is an excellent hair conditioner.
The function of protein in conditioning is closely related to its structural composition and molecular weight. The key is that it forms hydrogen bonds with the keratin in the hair. Water-soluble proteins have a certain repair effect on damaged hair.
This is because the skin of damaged hair is damaged, so that the protein is exposed, the hydrophilicity of the hair is increased, and the water-soluble protein is easily combined to form a protein film, which makes the hair easy to comb and have luster.
Keratin hydrolyzed Uses
Nutritional additives, amino acids
1. Release insulin,
2. Release growth hormone. The most important of branched chain amino acids is leucine, the precursor of ketoisocaproic acid (KIC) and HMB. KIC and HMB can increase muscle, reduce fat, and provide nutrition to the body
Keratin hydrolyzed Usage
Release insulin, release growth hormone.The most important of the branched-chain amino
acids is leucine, the precursor of ketone isohexanoic acid (KIC) and HMB.KIC and HMB
increase muscle, reduce fat, and provide nutrition for the body
Keratin hydrolyzed Applications
Hydrolyzed keratin is widely used in hair care cosmetics, such as mousse, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, baking oil, cold perm, and dye decolorizer.
Keratin hydrolyzed Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:25 kg/package, as customer’s request
Shipping:It can be according to the customer’s request
Keratin hydrolyzed caproate storage
Store at RT



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