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Chemical Name: Konjac glucomannan
CAS No.: 37220-17-0
Molecular Fomula: Null
Molecular weight: 0
Appearance: White or cream to light brownish yellow powder
Sample: Available

Konjac glucomannan CAS 37220-17-0

Description of Konjac glucomannan

White or cream to light brownish yellow powder. Dispersible in hot or cold water at pH 4.0 to 7.0 and forms highly viscous solutions. The solubility can be increased by heating and mechanical stirring. If a moderate amount of alkali is added to the solution, a heat stable gel can be formed which does not melt even when heated strongly Chemicalbook. Light yellow to brown powder. Basically odourless and tasteless. Its aqueous solution has a strong trailing (drawing) phenomenon and a very high consistency. Has a certain ability to decompose fibrous substances. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and grease. The main component is polysaccharides.

Basic Info of Konjac glucomannan

Chemical Name

Konjak mannan


Hemannan;Luxara 208-1;Propol A;Rheolex RS;Konnyaku;Timac Mannan;GM-B (mannan);3A-PF120;Propol KW;Konjac K;Ticagel Konjac HV;Konjac mannan;Nutricol GP 312;Propol PA;Rheolex RX-H;Rheolex One;Rheolex RX-L;Konjak;Nutricol;H 18 (polysaccharide);Inagel Fine Mannan;Mannan 100;Konjac;Rheolex LM;GM-C (polysaccharide);Inagel Mannan 180;GM-B;GM-A;Nutricol GP 6220;GM-C;Nutricol XP 3464;Propol ISLB;Amophol LG;Konjak gum;Inagel Mannan S;Amophol TS;Inagel Mannan 100;Konjac gum;Mannan, konjak;Kon 4452;Konjac glucomannan;Vistop D 2134;Propol Phoenix 2A;Gums, konjak;H 18;Propol;Ticagel;Rheolex RS-H;KM-100F;Propol LM.



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight






Numbering system



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What is Konjac glucomannan?

     With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, chemical products have invariably permeated our daily lives, in medicine, food, cosmetics, electronics, industry, and other areas, becoming an essential part of our lives. One such product is Konjac glucomannan which has developed particularly rapidly in recent years. Do you know about Konjac glucomannan?

The official answer: Konjac powder, also known as konjac flour or konjac mannan, konjac is a beneficial alkaline food for people who consume too much animal-based acidic food, with eating konjac, can achieve a balance of food acid, alkaline, beneficial to human health. Konjac underground tubers flat round, like a large water chestnut, very rich in nutrition, contains a variety of vitamins and potassium, phosphorus, selenium and other mineral elements, but also contains the human need for konjac polysaccharide, and has a low calorie, low fat and high fiber characteristics. 

What’s the application of Konjac glucomannan?

The main component of konjac powder is glucomannan (KGM), which is a rare polymer, extracted and separated from konjac tubers, with super absorbent (can absorb water and swell 40-100 times), thickening, film-forming, emulsification, gelation, lipid-lowering, gastrointestinal cleansing and other characteristics. It is widely used in the food, printing and dyeing, chemical and oil drilling industries. It is known as the “Oriental Magic Powder”. Konjac powder is a new type of dietary fiber, is a polymer fiber pure natural green food, containing 15 kinds of essential amino acids and anti-tumor mannans, weight loss effect is also particularly obvious, it can increase satiety, without harming the digestive system, while reducing the absorption of thermogenic nutrients, and through the regulation of endocrine function and lipase activity, to promote the burning of excess fat.


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