L-carnitine cas 541-15-1

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Lithium tetrafluoroborate

Lithium tetrafluoroborate Details
Chemical Name: Lithium tetrafluoroborate

CAS No.:  14283-07-9

Molecular Formula: BF4Li

Molecular Weight:93.75

HazardClass: UN 3260 8/PG 2
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Lithium tetrafluoroborate Typical Properties


White powder

Assay %

H2O %

Free acid %

Na %

 K %

Fe %

Pb %

Ni %

C l%

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Lithium tetrafluoroborate Usage

This product can be a lithium ion battery and can only be operated in a dry atmosphere (such as in a glove box with an ambient moisture of less than 20ppm).

(1) Used for battery
(2) Used for electrolyte
(3) Ethylene oxide ammonolysis catalyst
Lithium tetrafluoroborate Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/Fluorinated plastic buckets ( Outside is aluminium foil bag)
Lithium tetrafluoroborate Storage
Storage Conditions: Tightly sealed and stored in a dry place


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