linalool cas 78-70-6

Product Name: Linalool
CAS: 78-70-6
Molecular Formula:C10H18O
Molecular Weight:154.25
Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
Purity: 98%

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Linalool Quick Details
Product Name: Linalool
CAS: 78-70-6
Molecular Formula:C10H18O
Molecular Weight:154.25
Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
Purity: 98%
LinaloolTypical Properties


Colorless clear liquid

Floral, Delightful



Refractive index (20℃)

Relative density (25℃/25℃)

Water content

Acid value

1ml in 4ml 60%(v/v) ethanol



1. For the preparation of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, foods and other flavors.

2. GB 276011996 provides for the temporary use of flavorants. Mainly used to prepare pineapple, peach, chocolate and other flavors and flavors.

3. Widely found in plants, flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, roots and green hibiscus, it is widely used, not only for all floral flavors, such as sweet bean, jasmine, lily of the valley, lilac, etc. It can also be used to prepare orange leaves, bergamot, lavender, etc. in non-flower flavors such as fruity, fragrant, woody, aldehyde, oriental, amber, spirulina and fragrant. Artificial essential oils such as lavender oil. Used mostly in soap flavors. It can also be used in food flavors.

4. Linalool is an important fragrance, a blending raw material for various artificial essential oils, and is also widely used in the manufacture of various esters of linalool. Cosmetic formulations such as linalool and aryl perfumes play an important role. The linalool is oxidized to form citral, which can also be used to synthesize many other flavors.

production method
1.The linalool sold on the market is mainly isolated from natural essential oils such as galax oil, rosewood oil, coriander oil and eucalyptus oil. By fractional distillation with a high-efficiency fractionation column, a crude linalool can be obtained, and a second fractionation product having a content of 90% or more can be obtained.
2. The synthesized linalool is pyrolyzed to produce myrcene by using β-pinene as a raw material, and is treated with hydrogen chloride to form a mixture including linalyl chloride.
3. The linalyl chloride reacts with caustic potash (or potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate) to give linalool.

Blue steel Drum, Net weight: 170kgper drum
Storage conditions: To be stored in Cool, dry and ventilated location and protected from light. Shelf life:Two year with proper storage.
Other information
The above information involve our technology secrets about the production of this product, therefor users shallkeep it a secret.The above information is believed to be correct but does not purport to be all inclusive and shall be used onlyas a guide. Users use this information only as a supplement to other information gathered by them, and shouldmake independent judgement of suitability of this information to ensure proper use. This information isfurnished without warranty, and any use of the product not in conformance with this Product Technical DataSheet, or in combination with any other product or process, is the responsibility of the user.


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