lipase cas 9001-62-1

Assay:Enzymatic Activity≥100,00u/g
Capacity: 80kg/month
Packaging: 500g/Bag
Appearance:Yellow-white to yellow powder
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LipaseQuick Details
Chemical Name: Lipase
CAS No.:9001-62-1
Chemical Structure:
Appearance:Yellow-white to yellow powder
Assay:Enzymatic Activity≥100,00u/g
Lipase Typical Properties


Powder with good fluidity

Yellow colour

Normal fermentation odour

Enzymatic Activity,u/g

Loss on Drying,%

Heavy Metal (as Pb),mg/kg
<30 Lead (in Pb),mg/kg ≤5 Lipase Usage It is commonly used for diagnostic enzymes. Quantitative analysis of serum triglycerides, prostaglandin esters, lipolysis, and biochemical reagents. Enzyme. Mainly used for lipid modification, lipid hydrolysis and cheese manufacturing, can prevent the rancidity of chocolate and dairy products. The maximum amount of lecithin used for hydrolysis is 10,000 LENU/kg of crude lecithin. Others are used in appropriate amounts according to production needs. Lipase Packaging and Shipping 1*10kg/carton Lipase Storage This product is an active biological agent. During transportation and storage, it should be protected from light, low temperature, dry and ventilated. The product is packaged in a cool and dry environment for 12 months. The shelf life is 24 months under low temperature and dry environment at 5 –15℃.



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