magnesium acetate cas 142-72-3

ThisMagnesium Acetate can be used as chemical solvent reagent, raw materials of pharmaceutical products and catalysts.

It can also be applied as a kind of analytic reagents,such as precipitant.

This cheapMagnesium Acetate CAS 142-72-3 has been playing an import role in the bad weather as snow melting agent to clear the heavy snow on the road.


Magnesium Acetate Details
Chemical Name: Magnesium Acetate
CAS No.: 142-72-3
Molecular Formula:C4H6MgO4
Molecular Weight:142.39
Molecular Structure:
Appearance: white crystal powder
Magnesium Acetate Typical Properties



Assay %


Insoluble matter in water %


Chloride %


Sulfate %


Iron %


Heavy metals %


The bulk order Mg Acetate is usually packed in a sealed 20kg/bag.

This material must be stored in a cool, dry and ventilate place or warehouse where is away from fire and heat source.

Prevent the item of CAS142-72-3 from direct sunlight while necessary fire fighting appliances should be placed at the warehouse.


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