Manganese chloride tetrahydrate CAS 13446-34-9

Purity (MnCl2): ≥99%
Appearance: Pink powder,strong hygroscopicity
Packaging: Cardboard bucket , Net weight: 25kg/drum
Sample: available


Manganese chloride tetrahydrate
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate quick Details
Product Name: Manganese chloride tetrahydrate
MF: Cl2H8MnO4
MW: 197.91
EINECS: 603-826-5
Chemical structue:
Melting point 58 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 1190 °C
Density 2,01 g/cm3
PH value 3.5-6 (50g/l, H2O, 25℃)
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate Specifications


Pink powder,strong hygroscopicity

Purity (MnCl2)

Sulfate (SO42-)

Barium (Ba2+)

Iron (Fe3+)

Heavy metals (Pb2+)

Calcium (Ca2+)

Magnesium (Mg2+)

 Zinc (Zn2+)


Manganese chloride tetrahydrate Usage
1.Used as catalyst for chlorination of organic matter, drying agent for paint and raw material for gasoline seismic agent.
2. used in the manufacture of feed auxiliaries, analytical reagents, dyes and pigments, aluminum alloy smelting, brown and black brick and tile production, and pharmaceutical and dry battery manufacturing.
3.It is also used as trace element fertilizer in agriculture, which can be used as acid soil base fertilizer, topdressing or root topdressing.
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate Packaging
Cardboard bucket , Net weight: 25kg/drum
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate Storage
Storage conditions: To be stored in Cool, dry and ventilated location and protected from light.



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