meglumine cas 6284-40-8

Assay: 99%
Appearance: White cyrstalline powder
Capacity: 15~20 tons per month
Packaging: 25kg/fiber drum
Sample: available

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MeglumineQuick Details
Chemical Name:Meglumine
Another Name:N-Methyl-D-glucamine
CAS No.: 6284-40-8
Molecular Formula:C7H17NO5
Molecular weight:195.21
Meglumine Structure:
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: 99.0%-100.5%
MeglumineTypical Properties


White crystalline powder

Melting point

Residue on ignition

Loss on drying


-15.7~ -17.3

Heavy metals

Absence of reducing substance
Blue does notchange to red

Ultraviolet absorbancy degree

Production Method

It is obtained by condensing glucose with monomethylamine and then performing catalytic hydrogenation. The anhydrous ethanol and the dried glucose were added to the reaction pot, and the dried monomethylamine gas was passed at 50 ° C. After 1.5-2 h, the solution was gradually clarified and kept at 50 ° C for 2 h to obtain a glucose methylamine solution. Then, it was added to the autoclave, and in the presence of Raney nickel, hydrogen was pressurized to 2.5 MPa, and stirred at 80-85 ° C for 1-2 h. Then, after cooling and pressure-relieving, the upper layer of meglumine ethanol solution is cooled and crystallized, and filtered to obtain crude meglumine, which is then refined to obtain a finished product.
Meglumine Usage
1. Meglumine can be used as a contrast agent and surfactant for medical use.
2. Meglumine is an amino sugar derived from sorbitol and contains an amino group, a primary hydroxyl group and a secondary hydroxyl group, which can activate nucleophilic and electrophilic structures in chemical reactions through hydrogen bonding and provided lone pair electrons, respectively. reaction. Therefore, it can not only activate the reaction components through the alkali center, but also utilize hydrogen bonding to achieve the purpose. Due to its extraordinary properties, such as low toxicity, biodegradability, physiological inertness, reusability, non-corrosiveness, and low cost, meglumine has become an important and efficient catalyst in organic synthesis, which has inspired The more researchers are interested in it.
Meglumine Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 1kg / aluminum foil bag or 25kg / drum.
Delivery: Delivery within 2-3 days once receiving the payment
Meglumine Storage
Sealed, kept in cool and dryplace.


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