Miltefosine CAS 58066-85-6

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Trimethyl borate

Trimethyl borate quick Details
Product name: Trimethyl borate

CAS: 121-43-7

Molecular formula: C3H9BO3

Molecular weight: 103.91

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Purity: 40.0%Min

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Trimethyl borate typical Properties


Colorless liquid

40.0 % Min

Methyl alcohol

Water content
1.0% Max

Trimethyl borate Performance and application
Trimethyl borate is Colorless liquid.

This product is used as a doping source for semiconductors and for the preparation of high-purity boron.
This product is used as a solvent for paraffin, resin, petroleum, ketone catalyst, and also used in the electronics industry.
This product is used as dehydrogenation agent, insecticide and organic synthesis, semiconductor boron diffuser.

Trimethyl borate Packaging
Trimethyl borate Storage
Keep in the original packaging in a clean,dry,low humidity environment.


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