Miltefosine CAS 58066-85-6

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Miltefosine quick Details
Chemical Name: Miltefosine

CAS No.:58066-85-6

Molecular Formula: C21H46NO4P

Molecular weight: 407.57

Appearance: white powder

Assay: 99%

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Miltefosine typical Properties


Off-white to white powder

Identification(byMS,IR,1H-N MR,13C-NMR,31P-NMR)
Corresponds to structure


PH of 1% solution in water
Between 4.0~8.0

Clarity (1.0% in H2O; 1.0%inMethanol)
Clear and colorless solution

Related substance(TLC) Choline ChlorideOther Individual Impurity Total Impurity
NMT 1.0%NMT 1.0%NMT 2.0%


Miltefosine Usage

Metifoxin can enter the cell membrane and block the cell signaling process to induce a special functional disorder to prevent the tumor from further growth, and has immunoregulatory activity, can promote IL-2 mediated T cell activation, the hormone Breast-dependent breast cancer can produce a strong inhibitory effect and is inactive against hormone-independent cell line tumors.
Metifoxin is used for palliative treatment of breast cancer skin that is difficult to be treated by conventional treatment.
Metifoxin was originally developed as an anti-tumor drug, an alkyl phosphate choline drug, with cell membrane targeting, showing significant selective anti-tumor and antiprotozoal activity in animal experiments and clinical applications .

Miltefosine Packaging and Shipping
Packing: foil Aluminium bag
Delivery:By Express, by sea,by air.


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