Naphthenic acid cas 1338-24-5

Assay: 75%,80%,85%
Appearance: Brown , without mechanical impurities
Capacity: 15000MT per year
Packaging: 200kg/drum
Sample: available
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COA of Naphthenic acid 1338-24-5
TDS of Naphthenic acid

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Naphthenic acid
Naphthenic acid quick Details
Chemical Name: Naphthenic acid
CAS: 1338-24-5
Molecular Formula:C7H10O2
Molecular weight:126.154
Appearance: Light yellow or orange liquid
Naphtenic acid Typical Properties


Light yellow or orange liquid

acid value( mg/KOH/g )
200 min

Assay (m/m)%
≥ 70 %

Specific gravity (20℃)


Color (iron cobalt)

The results conforms with enterprise standards

Naphtenic acid Usage
This product is mainly used to prepare naphthenates, its sodium salt is cheap emulsifier, agricultural growth promoter, detergent in textile industry; lead, manganese, cobalt, iron, calcium and other salts are printing inks and coatings. Desiccant; copper salt, mercury salt used as wood preservative and pesticide, fungicide; aluminum salt used in grease and napalm and flare. Its nickel, cobalt and molybdenum salts can be used as organic synthesis catalysts and driers. Some salts can also be used as additives for special oils. High-carbon aliphatic esters of naphthenic acid are suitable as precision mechanical oils. Telephones, clocks, meters, etc. It can also be used to prepare synthetic detergents, insecticides, rubber accelerators and solvents.
Naphtenic acid Package and Shipping
200 kg of iron drum
Delivery: within 5-7 working days.


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