Naringinase CAS 9068-31-9

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Chemical Name: Naringinase

CAS: 9068-31-9

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Appearance: White to light yellow powder
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Naringinase Typical Properties

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White to light yellow powder
White to light yellow powder

Enzyme activity (thousand u/g)

Total arsenic (mg/kg)
<3 Conform Pb (mg/kg) ≤5 <5 Conform Total number of colonies (cfu/g) ≤50000 22000 Conform Coliform (cfu/g) ≤30 18 Conform Molds and yeasts (cfu/g) ≤30 16 Conform Escherichia coli (mpn/g) ≤3 <3 Conform Salmonella (25g) Not detectable Not detected Conform Brand name Fousi chemical   We produce NARINGINASE with enzyme activity of 20,000, 100,000 and 200,000, if you need other levels, we can also customize. Click the Inquiry now button for more information. Naringinase Chemical properties It mainly contains two enzymes, one is rhamnosidase, which can hydrolyze the bitter naringin (naringin-7-rhamnoside) into rhamnose and prunin. The second is β-glucosidase, which can hydrolyze naringenin into tasteless naringenin and glucose. The process: the optimum pH value for naringinase is 3.5~5.0, and the optimum temperature is 50~60. ℃. Naringinase Usage This product is an enzyme preparation. It is mainly used for the debittering of fruit juice, pulp and peel of grapefruit and bitter orange. This product mainly contains two enzymes, one is rhamnosidase, which can hydrolyze the bitter naringin (pummeloside-7-rhamnoside) to rhamnose and nosulin, the second one is β -Glucosidase, which can hydrolyze sakurarin to odorless pomelo substance and glucose, the process is: the optimal pH value of naringinase is 3.5 ~ 5.0, and the optimal temperature is 50 ~ 60 ℃ Naringinase Packaging 25kg/drum


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