N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine CAS 531-91-9

Assay: 99%min
Appearance: Gray to brownish Crystalline Powder
Packing: 25kg/drum
Sample: Available,Assay: 99%min
Appearance: Gray to brownish Crystalline Powder
Packing: 25kg/drum
Sample: Available


N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine Quick Details

Chemical Name: N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine
CAS No: 531-91-9
Molecular Formula: C24H20N2
Molecular Weight: 336.43
Appearance: Gray to brownish Crystalline Powder
Chemical Structure:
N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine Typical Properties



Structural data confirmation
1. H-NMR: The data of structure are identical with reference standard

2. HPLC/GC-MS: Ensure the molecular weight of main peak and fragment peak are identical with reference standard

3. IR:The data of IR are identical with that of reference standard

Inorganic salt

Loss on drying

Heavy metals
≤10 ppm



N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine Usage

1.N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine is now used as an anti-scald agent.
2.It is also used in the manufacture of a variety of substances, for instance, dye stuffs and their intermediates, pesticides, anthelmintic drugs, and as reagents in analytical chemistry laboratories.
3.N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine is used in the manufactureof dyes, as a stabilizer for nitrocelluloseexplosives, and as an analytical reagent forcolorimetric tests for nitrate and chlorate.
4.As an antioxidant inrubber and elastomer industry and in the per fumery.
N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/drum
N,N’-Diphenylbenzidine Storage

Store below +30°C.


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