Pancreatin CAS 8049-47-6

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Pancreatin Quick Details
Chemical Name: Pancreatin

CAS No.:  8049-47-6

Appearance:white powder

Assay: 200u/mg
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Pancreatin Typical Properties


Fine white to creamy powder with Characteristic odour and taste

Particle size
80 mesh

Partly soluble in waterInsoluble in ethanol and ether



16 u/mg

Loss on drying
< 5.0 % Fat < 20mg/g Aerobic Bacteria <5000/g Yeast and Moulds <100/g E.Coli Negative Salmonella Negative Standard 8×USP38 Pancreatin Usage Pancreatin can be used as a digestive aid; it is mainly used for indigestion, loss of appetite, indigestion caused by pancreatic diseases and dyspepsia in patients with uropathy. This product is usually taken with sodium bicarbonate, or made into enteric-coated tablets. It should not be crushed when taken orally, so as not to be destroyed by stomach acid, and avoid compatibility with acidic drugs. Large doses can cause diarrhea. Vomiting. Occasionally sneeze. Allergy symptoms such as tears and rashes should be stopped. Pancreatin industrial grade is mainly used in leather industry and enzymatic hair removal. Pancreatin industrial grade can also be used in textile printing and dyeing industry. Pancreatin Packaging and Shipping Packing: 25kg/fiber drum Pancreatin Storage Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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