Phenyl j acid CAS 119-40-4

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Phenyl j acid

Phenyl j acid Quick Details

Product Name: Phenyl j acid

CAS: 119-40-4

Molecular Formula: C16H13NO4S

Molecular weight: 315.34

Appearance: Light Grey Powder

Content: 95%
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Phenyl j acid Typical Properties


Light Grey Powder


Free J acid Content(%)
2.0 max

Insolubles in Alkali(%)
0.1 max

Phenyl j acid Usage

This product is used as an intermediate for light blue RGL.
This product is a dye intermediate, used to synthesize azo dye direct copper salt green BTL, copper salt blue FBGL and copper salt purple BBL.
Phenyl J acid is a commonly used dye intermediate, mainly used for the preparation of direct green lotus R, direct light fast blue FRL, direct light fast gray 2BL, direct copper salt blue 2R, direct acid fast violet, direct pink, direct copper dyeing Navy blue, light blue B2R, direct date red GB, and active scarlet, orange, brilliant orange X-GN, gray, grass green, red brown and other dyes are also used to prepare double J acid, scarlet acid and phenyl J acid.

Phenyl j acid Packaging and Shipping
Phenyl j acid Storage
It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.


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