Phenylphosphonic acid zinc salt / tmc-300 cas 35658-27-6

Chemical name: diphenyl dihydrazide dihydrazide
Productname:Decanedioic acid, 1,10-bis(2-benzoylhydrazide)
CAS No. : 35658-27-6
Molecular formula:C24H30N4O4
Appearance:White powder
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COA of Diphenyl Dihydrazide Dihydrazide
TDS of Diphenyl Dihydrazide Dihydrazide

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Phenylphosphonic acid zinc salt
Phenylphosphonic acid zinc salt Quick Details
Chemical name: diphenyl dihydrazide dihydrazide/tmc-300
Product name:Decanedioic acid, 1,10-bis(2-benzoylhydrazide)/tmc-300/Nucleating agent TMC-300
CAS No. : 35658-27-6
Molecular formula:C24H30N4O4
Molecular weight:438.52
Chemical Structure:
Technical indicators
Appearance:White powder
Melting point:≥200°C
Whiteness (R457): ≥90
Phenylphosphonic acid zinc salt Application characteristics
1. TMC-300 is a nucleating agent for hydrazide-based polylactic acid (PLA). It has good compatibility with PLA resin, can be dissolved into polylactic acid melt at processing temperature, and crystallizes first during the cooling process of resin melt. And through the intermolecular self-assembly to form nano-scale fibrous crystals, induce the epigenetic crystal of PLA molecules, thereby achieving the purpose of accelerating the crystallization rate, shortening the molding cycle, and improving the heat resistance, flexural modulus and surface gloss of the product. In addition.
2. TMC-300 also has a good crystallization-promoting effect on crystalline aliphatic-based biodegradable polyesters such as polyalkanoate (PHAs) and polybutylene succinate (PBS). Based on the hydrazide structure in its molecule, this product has the effect of inhibiting and passivating the catalysis of the degraded metal ion (heavy metal ion) on the degradation of the polymer, thus showing a certain antioxidant performance.
3. The recommended amount of TMC-300 is 0.5-1.5% by mass of the resin. When blended with resin pellets such as polylactic acid, other dispersing agents may be suitably used to promote uniform dispersion. This product can be directly used in the matrix resin, and can also be processed into a certain concentration of masterbatch.


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