Phenylphosphonic dichloride CAS 824-72-6

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Phenylphosphonic dichloride

Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD) Quick Details
Product name: Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD)

CAS NO: 824-72-6

Molecular Formula: C6H5Cl2OP

Molecular Weight: 194.98

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid.

Content: ≥98.5%

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Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD) Typical Properties


Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid.

Content %

Density g/cm3 @25℃

Refractive index
N20D 1.5570~1.5610

Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD) Usage

Phenylphosphonyl dichloride is used to produce phenylphosphonic acid and dimethyl phenylphosphonate.
This product is dehydrochlorinated with hydroquinone to produce flame retardant phosphorus-containing polymer and used as a heat stabilizer for polyester; it reacts with octanol in the presence of pyridine to generate octyl phenylphosphonate, which can be used as a low Volatile plasticizer.

Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD) Packaging and Shipping
Phenylphosphonic dichloride (BPOD) Storage
It should be sealed and shaded to be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place.


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