Piperazine CAS 110-85-0

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Piperazine Quick Details
Chemical Name: Piperazine

CAS No.: 110-85-0

Molecular Formula: C4H10N2

Molecular weight: 86.14

Appearance: White knot

Assay: 99%
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Piperazine Typical Properties


White knot



The results conforms with enterprise standards

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Piperazine Usage 

Piperazine is an intermediate of the fungicide triforine, and it is also an important pharmaceutical intermediate. It mainly produces the tuberculosis drugs piperazine citrate and piperazine phosphate, as well as perphenazine, strong pain, rifa equality.
As a pharmaceutical intermediate, it is mainly used for the preparation of piperazine phosphate, fluphenazine and rifampicin, and also for the preparation of wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, antioxidants, etc.
Mainly used in the production of gastrointestinal anthelmintics piperazine phosphate, piperazine citrate, fluphenazine, qitongding, rifampin Piperazine hexahydrate is dissolved in ethanol, and piperazine acetate is precipitated by adding glacial acetic acid and stirring to cool, which is used to synthesize hormone drugs such as hydroprednisone sodium phosphate. Piperazine hexahydrate is reacted with acetic anhydride to prepare acetylpiperazine, an intermediate of the insect repellent pipenidazole.

Piperazine Packaging and Shipping
25kgs per carton
Piperazine Storage
The warehouse is ventilated at low temperature; it is stored separately from the acid


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